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  • jakeson commented on Fuzzy-Wobble's instructable '90s Payphone Boombox Hack1 year ago
    '90s Payphone Boombox Hack

    ‚ÄčIts not the same model of phone, but if you want to hack a millennium payphone, check this out: works if you want to also reuse the parts inside it the phone. I made my son a piggy bank that tells him how much money he has. Otherwise it works like a regular analog phone.

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  • jakeson commented on newtonn2's instructable DIY Small Bench Power Supply 2 years ago
    DIY Small Bench Power Supply

    Mine isn't as pretty as all of yours, but I love it, and more importantly when I teach kids robotics it comes in SO HANDY! This is great, I will make a few more so that all the kids can use them when needed. This is my favorite instructable! Thank you.-Jim

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