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  • I forgot to ask my question lol. Sometimes I get so preoccupied hoping Donald Trump will choke to death on a chicken bone I lose concentration. Anyway, when I was a kid my friend's dad was kind of an Electronics guy, Electronics wizard type. And my buddy had this Boombox which is what we called them at the time, and it didn't have an earphone jack in it. So my buddy's dad went out, cracked the case open, installed an earphone jack in it so that when my buddy would plug ear phones in, the volume wouldn't come out the speaker. How is this done? How do you know what to solder and where to get it so unless something is plugged into earphone jack the sound comes out the speaker and vice versa?

    How's about finding an old guitar somewhere with a built-in EQ, and running thru that? Or even one of those old Fishman belt clip eq's. Changing phases would be sick. You've got like an old Creedence sound going on! Brilliant! Cheers from America.

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