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Hi - Unfortunately throughout the years I've created hundreds of fun projects, inventions and gifts, but almost NEVER thought to take pictures, break down the process, etc - Time FLIES when you're CREATING STUFF! I am a Songwriter, Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur, and LOVE developing, creating, building and more.
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      • Steampunk Goggles (First Attempt, No Welding/Soldering)
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    Can Stove Charger

    Greetings, Adriane!Great little project and, as others have pointed out, many people are looking for a way to create a 'poor man's' biolite cooker/camp stove.I am curious if you are able to swap out what you're using as the power-stepper and simply use a dollar store 'portable phone recharger', or a premade phone charging device or something or if you HAVE to have the stepper?Is there ANY other device one could 'salvage' a premade stepper as well?I am looking at ordering a couple CHEAP TEC's and build a simple setup for camping and it would rock to be able to have the unit have a manual switch: A. Charge the dollarstore charger. B. Use the dollar store charger to charge a phone AND/OR run the gasifier fan.All the best!

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