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  • Many years ago I worked at a small camp in SW Ohio, and during staff training a few of the outdoor-activity counselors discovered a bank of grey clay down in the creek bed. It was incredibly clean, and though we didn't fire it, we in arts-n-crafts used it to make molds for casting flat wall plaques in plaster of paris. Now that I have a small kiln, I wish I had access to that clay bank, which we by no means exhausted! This is an excellent Instructable! Thank you so much! I'm going to start looking around for another possible source.

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  • jenloo commented on seamster's instructable Rubber Wedding Ring

    Cycling is really important in our family, so jewelry related to bikes is popular. My daughter makes bracelets out of spokes and inner tubes (and I'm going to be trying my hand at it later this week). All the men in the family work with their hands and power tools and large machines, so we have been pretty excited about silicone as a material for rings. As I read through this tutorial, I asked myself why I didn't think of this earlier. And I'm also thinking of a friend with a size 17 finger who can't afford a precious metal ring.

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  • Me neither. I'm going to try again, though.

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  • jenloo commented on jonesaw's instructable Bug Repellent Jar Torches

    Great idea! I think I'll make a few for the Fathers Day cook out! And if you punch the hole into the lid from the bottom, the ragged edges of the metal won't catch the fabric as easily when you pull the wick up on subsequent uses.

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  • Do you rub off the rubber cement after everything has dried, or do you leave it on? I am going to do this next week with a student I tutor, who has showed interest in watercolors before.

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