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  • Nail in Solid Brick Puzzle

    You can try Craigslist, Freecycle, or just wait for your elderly family members to pass on tools to you. I happen to have a nice spindle lathe sitting around which my grandfather gave me years ago, but I haven't sourced a motor for it.You can also double check the intro where the author says the >materials< cost less than a dollar. Bricks are available in my area for 95 cents.

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  • Your information is badly out-of-date:'s not completely unregulated, but it's not like you have to register your barrel purchases either.

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  • jkster107 commented on JON-A-TRON's instructable The Napparatus

    Literally: "[The structural engineer] was with me on everything and agreed on its general safety and over-engineeredness."

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