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  • That is absolutely gorgeous! I am very glad you shared pictures! I like your improvements, have you taken yours out in water? Thank you for the kind words, but above all thank you for making a board!

    Thank you very much!

    As I said above, absolutely gorgeous board. I apologize for the late response, I have been off this site for a while.

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  • joechacon98 commented on joechacon98's instructable Saxophone Alchemy

    Thank you for giving this a go and posting pictures! I am excited to see the results!Great feedback! I will certainly make a note on the procedure, however I did not seem to have that problem. Different material of the springs maybe??HOWEVER! I recommend splurging and purchasing instrument lacquer. Over the years the rustoleum lacquer has degraded and rubbed off. I am going to do another run with a sax this summer and I will post results then. Be sure to select clear!!I have not purchased it yet, but this was a top hit from a quick Google search

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