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I love to play music, make art cars, read good books, and make beautiful things. My secret sins are Bullfighting, Boxing,fired Pork Rinds, and Jackass. I also love to annoy folks with sticks up their butts. My guitar heros are Nguyen Le, Manitas De Plata, Big Bill Broonzy, Richard Thompson, John Fahey, Adrian Legg, Steve Cheseborough, Chris Newman, and too many more to fit here.
  • jog commented on MarcyBell's instructable A Bezel Set Pendant1 year ago
    A Bezel Set Pendant

    Congratulations. Well done. This image was featured at a Rio Grande Board meeting.

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  • jog commented on wilgubeast's instructable 9 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste2 years ago
    9 Unusual Uses for Toothpaste

    Noooooooo! DO NOT use toothpaste for polishing jewelry or silver ware. This is an old wives tale. It is an abrasive! It will ruin your fine jewelry. Really. Trust me on this. Any good jewelry store offers free cleaning and light polishing. Let the pros do it with the right equipment. Like oh say buffing motors, ultrasonic cleaners and high pressure steamers. Toothpaste will scratch most sones under an 8 hardness. It will get packed in under your stones and prongs, and scratch metals. I have been in the jewelry trade since 1969 as a custom high end metal smith. I have nothing to sell. Just good real info from a professional. If you must clean your jewelry at home, just a soft clean toothbrush and glass cleaner.

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