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  • How to use 2.4" TFT LCD Shield with Arduino Mega

    didn't simply work for me, it won't compile. unmexpected # and then why is there HTML type tags in the code? got rid of them and the first error gone but then states fatal error and won't compile because no adafruit GFX file. so I will install library and try again but didn't state it was needed ion tutorial.

    and now thisC:\Arduino\libraries\SWTFT\SWTFT.cpp:634:16: error: 'swap' was not declared in this scope swap(x0, x1);

    so got the files from the second page installed libraries got rid of errors but screen is just scrammbled like snow on a tv without reception

    one odd thing on serial monitor isTFT LCD Shield TestYour LCD driver chip name is: 0Working Wellwhat should chip names be?

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