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  • joseph.campo.35 commented on TechEditor's instructable Pour a Floating Concrete Floor6 months ago
    Pour a Floating Concrete Floor

    Nice job. Nice to hear that there are no heaves with -35F. Wow.

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  • Scrap Wood Cell Phone Amplifier

    That makes sense. I have a Moto E 2nd gen phone. Speaker is on top, so unfortunately, this elegant, simple design will not work for me. I'd have to turn the phone upside down and backwards to channel the sound into the baffles.

    Wow. great job. very simple. I wonder how stable this is, and whether you thought about some sort of angular fold-out brace from the back so you could tilt it. I wonder if the current design could get easily knocked over when manipulating the screen.

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  • Foam Mattress Bed Frame for Under $100

    On all wide bed frames I have seen, and on the queen we have, in the center of the bed, so on your center joist, there are legs that go from the joist to the floor to prevent the middle from sagging over time. something like this image shows. something that goes from the bed frame directly to the floor in the center of the bed frame.

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  • Foam Mattress Bed Frame for Under $100

    Bed frames of this size typically require a center support or 3, running down the middle, to prevent the wood from bowing in the middle. You don't have this feature, and I wonder why. weight on the wood over years will cause sagging, no?

    Um. sorry. I don't see supports mentioned in any of the steps. certainly not in the colored picture.

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  • joseph.campo.35 commented on Tuba Fett's instructable Exotic-Wood Acoustic Marvel1 year ago
    Exotic-Wood Acoustic Marvel

    looks wonderful. The audio file looks blank though. I don't see a video that you mention either. Would you consider posting a video of how the phone fits in because I don't quite understand the principle. Great to see you used SolidWorks for the design. nice - beautiful stuff. Congrats.

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  • joseph.campo.35 commented on WardWorks's instructable Build a Plastic Vacuum Former2 years ago
    Build a Plastic Vacuum Former

    Looks very well written. I am unfamiliar with this manufacturing. Do you use this to create plastic masks and other plastics? Thanks for sharing.

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  • Coffee Table Made Form a Single 2x4

    Great job. Fantastic how this was made from a single 2x4. However, note that your average USA homeowner doesn't have the space or equipment that you used. Still, very inspirational. Congratulations.

    I own a home. I don't have a table saw. I don't have a router. Did you see the machine he used to taper the edges of the legs? Plus he had a high power saw area, not to mention all the space required to house the table saw plus the layout board. Sorry, that's not all found in the typical home. Has nothing to do with gender, please.

    I don't have a table saw, so there's no way I could construct this. I have built plenty of other stuff, but where I could manually saw, or use my power saw. To get those nice clean cuts, table saw is required. Still - a fine job, very impressive.

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