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  • josuchav commented on abizar's instructable Making Drawer Dividers

    Needed this for a rock collection box for my kid. Thanks!

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  • josuchav commented on zaphodd42's instructable Make PVC Look Like Wood

    I love the collaboration here!And now I have to buy twice as much pipe and paint... but bet that didge I was planning on working on tonight is going to sound awesome with rain behind it!

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  • @tawodi, Price can be a deal breaker with PC but more than that, there was a long time that acrylic shields were all there was on the road. It'd true you are about 10x more likely to encounter failure with acrylic, but if you use something like a 1/4" or more you'll probably never experience anything serious. At that point the lack of yellowing is worth it to me. If budget isn't an issue then glare-proof poly is a much better choice.... but at that point you're so close to a memphis shield that it's almost not worth it.... unless customization.

    I'm going to say judging from the lack of response that no-one understood why I laughed at that. Galvanized metal will release zinc in gaseous suspension if heated. 300 degrees might not do it, but I still wouldn't mess with it. A good and hot piece of galvanized metal inside your house is liable to kill everyone in there within 24 hours. Use pig iron or carbon steel sheets instead. I've been eyeing this project probably since you wrote it. I haven't seen anything beat the system of this one.This year I'm riding through the cold. I think I'm going to go to good ole HD in a little bit and get me some stuff.Do you have any updates on how it's held up lotusjps46?

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  • "preferably galvanized"... .LOL!!!

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  • my buddy and I took a bike trip to Florida back in 2012. He had a military surplus dufflebag he put all his stuff in. It rained. All his clothes got wet. While in Florida we did this process... a little too thick on the silicone side, but it stayed on. Six years later... just took another 8 hour bike trip through rainy weather on the steed and not a single garment got wet. Left the bag out in the downpour while eating and everything was still dry. He never reapplied the mix either. this stuff is for reals!I was about to buy some new leather saddlebags until I remembered this trick. I'm gonna go with the much cheaper canvas option. Came looking for mix measurements. We'll see how right you are about that! :)

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