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  • jrg47 commented on tobias.tanke's instructable Make a planting pot maker!2 years ago
    Make a planting pot maker!

    I'm glad you mentioned this.The TP inner roles are the Max...they quickly degrade, just snip the bottoms so they can be folded over. Just think...a family of least 3 rolls a week, cut in half times say 10+ weeks, your started and you already payed for them. Worms love them, put some in a tray with some mulch and a little H2O. Set in a shaded area, not dark or damp...come back next week and collect dem worms. FYI, the more worm you got...the more bird you got...the more bird you got the less bugs you got.

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  • jrg47 commented on SpecificLove's instructable 10 Life Hacks With PVC #142 years ago
    10 Life Hacks With PVC #14

    FYI...Hoses are made in 2 (two) grades that I am aware of. Non-potable and Potable. I became aware of this when I installed a small drinking fountain at the edge of our property that is fed off a certified Natural Spring...BoH inspected. We live just off the local playing field and everyone uses it. Some people to the point that it's their source of clean/dependable water. Yea, it costs a little...but the waters free and it channels off to our garden.Share what you got...You gotta leave the rest.

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  • reinforced PVC crossbow with laminated stock

    The reason to wear eye protection, some sort of respirator and some ear covering is to prevent all that dust and splinters from attacking you. I also wear light weight, I call them "Micheal J's", cotton gloves. They breakaway real easy and can be washed if desired. Actually Volvo includes a pair in their jack kit. Two final tips...when heating PVC...well ventilated and a good mask...PVC = Poly Vinyl Chloride = Poison Gas Don't touch your face when working...when finished rinse all exposed skin.O...always have a bottle of eve wash on hand. I think I'll do a shop eye wash instructable.

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