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  • jstork1 commented on Make_Things's instructable Super Easy Wood Spline Jig8 months ago
    Super Easy Wood Spline Jig

    Nice job. Good video. I will definitely bookmark this page. Thanks.

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  • jstork1 commented on MaxPower1977's instructable How to Make a Rocket Stove1 year ago
    How to Make a Rocket Stove

    I built a heating rocket stove for my garage (like a mass rocket stove without the mass bench) and when I was testing it outside, it would not burn very clean. Once I added more chimney, it increased the draft/air flow and it ran cleaner and better. I also insulated the back end of the combustion chamber and chimney riser which will heat up red hot and catalyze unburned smoke (provided there is enough air flow). Once it is hot, you can't even tell it is on when you look at the chimney.

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  • jstork1 commented on mrwonton's instructable Smartphone Macro Lens1 year ago
    Smartphone Macro Lens

    For a fast lens for pictures you can take holding your phone horizontally, you can place a drop of water on your phone lens, flip it over not losing the drop. If you need to change/lessen the strength of the lens, dab your finger into the drop to remove a bit. The hardest part is trying to be still enough that the water drop doesn't wiggle. Actually: while doing the demo pictures, I thought of using a drop of mineral oil. It jiggles less and sits on the lens better. Better focus as well. I rushed a bit and did not use good light, but there is the idea. Have fun.

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  • jstork1 commented on JT Woodworks's instructable How to Make a Crosscut Sled1 year ago
    How to Make a Crosscut Sled

    I like the idea of squaring the fence with the kerf of the saw blade with a square. For relative newbies who have not used their squares much, make sure your square is square. Mark a line with a pencil using the square, flip it over and check against the mark you just made. It is amazing how many squares are out of square: especially after being dropped.

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  • Make Joints in Woodworks DISSAPEAR!! - DIY Wood Filler

    The sawdust and glue works well. For a small gash in a kitchen door I used dollar store epoxy and sawdust. I taped a small piece of smooth plastic on the face of the door and set it on a smooth block of wood to keep it from bulging out the front and filled it from the back. I put a piece of plastic bag on the epoxy so I could flatten it from the back. After about ten minutes, I peeled everything off and used some 400 grit and higher to finish it. You can still see it, but it is better than the gash.

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  • jstork1 commented on dekeros's instructable Simple Wedge Planing Stop1 year ago
    Simple Wedge Planing Stop

    Plywood would be good.

    Lovely idea. I could have used it a few days ago. I have some old plywood that will do the job.Thanks

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  • jstork1 commented on J_Calder's instructable Caliper Calibration2 years ago
    Caliper Calibration

    I worked with an older mechanic who used a standard caliper without the dial. He accurately and easily read to one thousandth of an inch and in metric as well. He had done it for years and was second nature to him. I can do it as well but it takes a bit longer and I have to think about it as I do not have to use calipers very often. I kind of like learning old school tricks and ways. We are so reliant on technology. I do have to admit that reading a dial caliper is much easier.

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  • How to Break Down Sheet Material Easily!

    I made some a while ago and they work like a hot dandy. Nice video. Well done.

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  • DIY Build - One Sheet Plywood - 48 Bins Organizer

    I hang my cabinets in my shop with French Cleats. It makes it very easy to mount, reorganize and move them. That way I don't have to worry about hitting the studs once my rails are mounted to the wall. I might use them to mount my kitchen cupboards when I eventually renovate the kitchen.

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  • jstork1 commented on ClairisaS's instructable How to fix separated nylon zipper teeth2 years ago
    How to fix separated nylon zipper teeth

    I did this on a pair of boots and you can hardly tell from a few feet away. It lasted about eight months and I did it again. Finally: the boots are worn out and have become my yard boots and it does not matter. For those on a limited budget and a bit of time in the evening, this will stretch out a few dollars. Keep it up.

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  • End Grain Cutting Board / Butcher Block

    Wonderful video: nice job. Nice cutting boards. I picked up a couple of pointers that will speed up my next job. Pictures attached are the potato/onion bin with a cutting board on wheels I made out of oak pallet wood over the summer. I have a clear 3/8 inch thick reclaimed acrylic sheet from something I took apart a while ago to cover when cutting as it looks too nice to cut on. When not in use the sheet tucks away in the cupboard. I don't have an electric planer and got a good workout hand planing all the boards. Planer is on the wish list.Thanks for the inspiration.

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  • jstork1 commented on rstichal's instructable Knots to Know3 years ago
    Knots to Know

    Thanks for the knots. Knots by Grog is a pretty comprehensive site that covers a lot of knots for many purposes.

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  • jstork1 commented on diycreators's instructable Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets3 years ago
    Backsplash From Reclaimed Pallets

    That looks fantastic. I love building stuff from pallets. There is some nice oak to be found in pallets. The stained nail holes often add some nice character to the projects. Right now I am working a rolling (onion, potato) oak counter with an oak end grain finish that is about 16x16x36 inches. It tucks away in the corner but can be moved anywhere in the kitchen where my wife needs that little bit of counter space. Thanks for the lovely video.

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  • jstork1 commented on Vyger's instructable Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop3 years ago
    Turning a Trashed Mobile Home into a Shop

    I was trying to talk my brother in law to turn his old trailer into a garage/shop when he put in a new one on his farm. You could put a garage door one one end and put planks on the floor where the tires would be so you don't drop though and still have room in the other end for a shop. That would make a fantastic man cave. Have fun and keep it rubber side down.

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