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  • judyspak commented on julezjw's instructable T-shirt Quilt
    T-shirt Quilt

    Very nice! This is something I intend to make for my daughter out of the teeshirts she wistfully weeded out of her collection. Like yours appear to, they all have memories associated with them but they just don't get the usage to justify the drawer space. I would make one suggestion however. Since the fabric is a knit, it will stretch slightly under normal usage and this could break the less forgiving straight stitch. Using a size 11 ballpoint needle (to avoids snags that could become holes in the laundry), I'd substitute a medium zigzag stitch for all seams, including the binding, since fleece has some give as well. I love your photo.Looks like you're smiling from head to toe and gives the viewer a good idea of the scale!

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  • judyspak commented on reyanshj's instructable Clothes Folder
    Clothes Folder

    Great idea! Simple. Free. I would add: Plan the size of your clothes folder based on interior measurements of your drawers (or whatever storage unit you use for clothing.) For example, my chest of drawers is three teeshirts wide and two deep.

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