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  • kenobi commented on JohnPark's instructable How to Make a TSA Compliant Multitool3 years ago
    How to Make a TSA Compliant Multitool

    They stole my shurikin stars that were in my checked baggage.

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  • kenobi commented on Mei-MeiC's instructable High-Range Wireless Power 3 years ago
    High-Range Wireless Power

    the mention of God scared you didn't it? The man who most pushed Darwin's THEORY of evolution admitted in his book "confessions of a heretic" (something like that if not the actual precise name of the book) that they knew full well that the theory was more full of holes than a chunk of swiss cheese, & that their chief goal in pushing it was to let mankind break loose from the moral limits entailed in recognition/belief in a higher authority - Creator/manager. By the way he was an LSD addict too.Nice to hear that a church is doing lessons connecting physical phenomena to recognition of "The Big Boss" & how He is behind everything. I know of several Rabbis who have been doing this for decades.

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  • kenobi commented on Meglymoo87's instructable Natural Strep Throat Remedy3 years ago
    Natural Strep Throat Remedy

    "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see"

    Kid, I've been practicing medicine for 50 years & my mother did before me. People get Rheumatic fever from strep also if they took anti-biotics, because in many cases anti-b's DO NOT remove the strep from the body, but only make it cool down & hide temporarily! Instant throat smear tests are often inaccurate BTW. Some anti-b's cause hearing loss, IBS, vision disturbances etc etc.What the young lady wrote is very useful & often works fine. Taking Propolis & Echinacea, warm drink with honey & cinnamon works even better for many people.Oh & BTW it's "sore throat" not "soar throat".

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