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  • I am currently looking at an irrigation valve. I can't find all of the info I need on them. I see that they require 24 Volts but they do not give the current. They can apparently take 120 F.

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  • I have built one with 220' +/- 1" polypropylene. It came from a well that I had just abandoned. Mine just lays on a dark colored tarp in front of the pool. I want to build a system with an arduino to control solenoid valves on the heater and bypass to control temperature. Unfortunately the valves that I am finding are just too expensive. As it is now the water coming out when the heater is first turned on is too hot to touch. In a perfect world I could use a normally open valve for the bypass and a normally closed valve for the heater. That way I could energize both when the heater is hot enough and de energize both when the water is too cold.

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