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  • Bluetooth Serial Adapter for Pro Mini

    Not a lot of hc-05 were coming like this. Very recently we got this hc-05 and believe me the older version is not available in the market. I searched all over the internet for the documentation for this version. Where would you recommend to look up for the documentation? I also tried lower case a lot of other things but still no success. I dont know the source seller as it came through a channel of distributers. Also, the baud rate that I would recommend for latest versions of Arduino Nano would be 115200 as arduino has also updated the version of their bootloader.

    This is the at command response of the Bluetooth module i have AT+NAME? +NAME:HC-05 OK AT+VERSION? +VERSION:4.0-20190815 OK **AT+POLAR** **ERROR:[0]** AT+UART? +UART:9600,0,0 OKThe problem I am facing is I am unable to change the state pin with AT+POLAR command. I think this version of bluetooth has different AT Commands.

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