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I am an industrial arts major from Western Washington State College ('69) - now called Western Washington University, and my major is now called technology. I love working with materials and processes (that was one of two concentrations when I was in school, the other being graphics). I love computers and CNC, small programing projects arduino type, steam punk retro stuff, especially things that go with technology like my computer. I am a warm glass artist making fused glass pieces that are f... Read More »
  • Construct a Japanese Torii Gate for Your Garden

    I am rebuilding my deck by replacing rotten wood. I designed and built it over 20 years ago, but it has needed a facelift. My hubby wanted a torii gate, so I decided to give him one between our upper and lower decks. I absolutely loved all the correct Japanese words for the parts of the gate. I will post again when I am done... I came to look up how much curve was on the Kasagi. I left knowing terms, and more, thank you.

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  • kwhitacre commented on alan.chatham's instructable Add Wheels to Your Luggage!1 year ago
    Add Wheels to Your Luggage!

    I am thinking of using this on a backpack, as I don't want to schlep things on a trip, but would like it handy. Thank you!

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    Backyard Shou Sugi Ban

    In 1960 I lived on Okinawa and they used this technique on some buildings. I loved the effect. It wasn't quite as charred as yours. I think I saw them use a low flame and it smoked and lightly charred the wood. Anyway, I never knew what it was called... and wanted to do that for my railings, but ended up painting them black instead. I may be replacing some of the wood, and will keep this technique in mind. Thank you for posting. I sure love how the internet makes knowledge so much easier to obtain.

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    Cheap and Easy Solar Heater

    I have no exposure to the south so I was thinking the west would work. I have a railing along the west side of our home. It has a roof over the railing (think Japanese fence) in an Asian style. I was thinking this roof might make a good place to put the unit. Would a long narrow configuration work well? Could I take the top vent off one end and the bottom vent off the other? I would insulate them and run them under the deck for which the railing it used. The railing is about 50 feet long and runs the length of my basement, which is what I want to heat. In the summer it is even too cool. (Unless we get into the 100°F, which is rare) I use space heaters year around and would love to create something to heat this space without costing more money. Thank you for this timely post.

    I don't understand your statement. Isn't heat in the air and thus rises? (This is all new to me.)

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  • Homebuilt (DIY) CNC router - Arduino based (GRBL)

    I want to make one. I need more hours in my day and more days in my week... loved your instructable.

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    Unusual uses for ice cubes

    Ice has never worked well for me with gum-in-the-hair. Use peanut butter. It works well. The smooth is easier to use than the crunchy. Also if you bruise a nice table top... take a piece of ice and carefully watch it, but put it on the bruise (dent) and the wood will swell, remove before it swells too much. My dad would always do this around our house. (I guess we were hard on things. One could not tell it had been dented. It won't work well (mixed results) with cheap veneer or plywood, it need to be solid wood where the grain in all going the same direction. Thanks for the reminder on some of these. I did like the concrete discussion. BTW there is concrete in Italy that has been there more than 2000 years. Scientists can't ascertain what made it so strong (no rebar).

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