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  • How to Sharpen Used and Dull Drill Bits (By Hand!!)

    I learned to sharpen bits on the side of a bench grinder wheel. It's much flatter and easier to control the grind. I also start on the cutting edge first and lower the back of the drill to relieve the metal behind the cutting edge. Using a coarse wheel will create less heat than a finer wheel will. The metal will be removed faster. Also always sharpen the bit without gloves so you can feel the heat if the bit is starting to heat up.

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  • lae52 commented on kai.h's instructable Make a knife from high-carbon steel3 years ago
    Make a knife from high-carbon steel

    Try using vinegar.Many boat builders use it for cleaning up tools and such. Plus it's not toxic like some thinners are.

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  • lae52 commented on XXLRay's instructable Sharpening Chisels Without Honing Guide3 years ago
    Sharpening Chisels Without Honing Guide

    Gouges can be sharpened like a flat chisel. Just put the bevel down on the stone and push the gouge down the stone while rolling it from one side to the other. It's a little finicky until you develop a smooth roll.I only push the gouge and don't use any other motions. If you need a slip stone for the inside curve an Arkansas or wet stone can be ground to shape on a hard grinding wheel. Coarse works better than finer for this.

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