There's me playing the bass sax. I live in San Francisco. Freelance as a bassoonist/low reed specialist playing a rainbow coalition of music. Drive a Mercedes on vegetable oil & am building an electric chopper. My wife, daughter & son live with me.
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    Easy Helmet Visor

    The Lumos is an expensive helmet with lights. This method doesn't block any of the lights except the notification light for the rider and I think at night the glow through brim might be enough to use the turn signals.

    My first instructable. Steps in the body of my comments. Read the whole article first as the last instruction is important.

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  • Gain 20-80% Mpg Efficiency! Save $ on Gas. See How to Get 41.8mpg!

    I had a 4 door which I turned into an EV. I believe the EPA highway mileage was 42 mpg so I am surprised you didn't achieve that. The best way to improve gas mileage is not to use any. I drive a Nissan Leaf. My Aspire and some of my EV's.

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    Undead Pan

    Beautiful work. I have had almost as good results using stainless steel wool with water by hand then seasoning with olive oil while cooking but my pans are not that far gone. I always dry them before putting away.

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  • How to build an insanely bright LED flashlight!

    1.2 watts in LED is very bright. It is a motorcycle headlight equal to a 55 watt conventional headlight.

    This is a vehicle headlight bulb. That is pretty bright with wide illumination for hundreds of feet. Much less money and very bright. Not insanely. Just very. I have a bulb coming in the mail. Maybe I'll post my results but from past experiments in modding flashlights this will be the brightest one yet.

    I guess what my idea is is you amazing light is great for 30 minutes but I'd take something less expensive that is normal bright for many hours. Simple math equation to figure out run time. One option is maybe the adjustable brightness and energy consumption modulation. Run at 100 Lumens for a day or super bright for a short time.

    For sure the floating EverReady I have is 6volts. Maybe the one you have has options for batteries but this one only takes one 6v lantern battery stock. It should be somewhat simple to modify but I just realized my lantern has three LED's focused into one small beam. It is nowhere as bright as a headlight. I may buy another at Home Depot and check the setup inside before messing with it.

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    Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

    What a great idea. BRAVO!

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