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  • leif.hietala commented on makjosher's instructable Baseboard Heat Shield / Chimney2 years ago
    Baseboard Heat Shield / Chimney

    If your outlet at the right end is properly grounded, you could simply run a wire to one of the outlet's mounting screws; the receptacle's chassis is part of its grounding circuit and connecting to it via the mounting screws will dump the static charge.Cool project, I like the solution.

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  • leif.hietala commented on kevincarruthers's instructable Fruit Bowl From Flat Panel3 years ago
    Fruit Bowl From Flat Panel

    Nice work. Getting the angles right to work with the thickness of the stock can be tricky, I did a project like this once and had similar difficulties the first couple of tries.Next one you do, consider turning the layers 90 degrees from each other as you stack them. The bowl will be stronger with any weaknesses distributed and seasonal movement or warpage cancelling itself out, like plywood.

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