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I do a lot of scrounging for supplies and materials and I've built some great stuff over the years.
  • lindaoak commented on RCLifeOn's instructable DIY Mini Air Conditioner
    DIY Mini Air Conditioner

    This project is very impressive. Great pics and good instructions. It's truly the project for "whatever you have in the house". In that spirit, I studied your post and made one with a small styro shipping box (cut appropriate holes) and a cheapo 5-inch mini-fan from walmart. I dropped in a couple of chiller gel pacs, pressed the box top in place, plugged in the fan and it's working nicely. Thank you so much for the ingenious and very helpful idea. Stay cool.

    I've done this, and it does cool small areas.

    I used those freezing gel packs, so there's just a tiny bit of water accumulation. When they do thaw, I toss them in the freezer and get a couple more out to keep he cool coming.

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