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  • It sounds like to me you need a stepping motor, a small Dc motor that can move in small increments. I would look at putting a screw drive of some type to move you sled left and right. Look here to maybe find a motor and drive, they have plenty,

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  • loneoak commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Sliced Wood Coasters1 year ago
    Sliced Wood Coasters

    Your coasters look real nice when they are finished but I have a question about your technique for sawing. Why did you not use the fence on your band saw to cut all the slices to the same length. You could practically eliminate the step of using your router to trim them all to the same height and just sand them smooth. The same thing when you cut the coasters to width and length, why did you not use the fence on the table saw to cut them all to the same width without having to move it for each cut. All you would have to do is set the fence for 3.5" and cut them all to the same width and then leave it there and cut them to the same length and they would be square.

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  • loneoak commented on suekatie10's instructable Cucumber Trellis1 year ago
    Cucumber Trellis

    What is a Red Robbie?

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  • loneoak commented on aridbennett's instructable Self Spinning Gyroscope2 years ago
    Self Spinning Gyroscope

    I love the looks of this. I have recently gotten into spinning tops that are made on lathes by some really talented machinists. This would fit so well with my top collection. I don't have the equipment or knowledge to build one of these so I am asking if you could make me one. I think if you click on my picture there is a message link, if its possible for you to make me one please send me a message. ThanksPeaceDanny

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  • loneoak commented on chadmikell's instructable A Table from Discarded Wood Flooring2 years ago
    A Table from Discarded Wood Flooring

    Chad, very nice job on that table. It looks very good and I may build something similar. Only problem I have is I have new flooring boards and they won't have the look and character that you got. Maybe I'll do something to try and artificially age my boards.I have one question, I have never seen the product you used to age the oak band. Where do I get Speedball Super Black India Ink?Danny

    One more thing, do you think it would have been easier to put the pipes together if you had of used some pipe union connectors. I think I might try using a total of 3 unions on the cross pieces. I have access to a pipe cutter and threader so I could cut and thread pieces that connect together with a union.

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  • loneoak commented on Raleighup's instructable Rolling Barn Door2 years ago
    Rolling Barn Door

    There is a nice kit out there for sale that has brackets and rollers used to make the door work just like an old barn door. I saw the kit at a local bargain building supply store that sells custom doors, windows, etc. They build doors to fit your specs and have the kits for the rolling barn door.

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