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  • The Decals arrived today. I have ordered some lego bricks to make a small stand as well that will be here soon. i'll post another picture once they do.

    No, it was very good. The only issue I ran into was finding the right resistor for the spotlights. I'm powering mine directly from the PWM pins on an Arduino Uno. I found that at first they were too dim. I experimented by powering one of the lights with 5v from the Arduino's built in regulator. I measured 4.2v drop and about 37mA through the LED. I felt this was too close to the output limit on the Arduino so I adjusted my resistors I had installed to limit the current to 30-35mA and a 4v drop. This seemed to give me a good brightness. Hopefully I won't blow out the outputs on my poor Arduino.

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