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  • Mosquito'swill go to the dark !hang a black plastic bag up outside, in the morning ALL mosquito's will be inside that bag.Quickly grab the bag and close it , spray a little anti-mosq spray in the bagand you kill the in a sec.In your bedroom : if you hear a mosq buzzing round your ears,flip on the light, the mosq will land immediately ,so he will be close to you ,sitting and waiting until the light goes out again .If you have light colour walls , yiu will spot him easily !

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  • The pilot pen is called like that because it can write upside down.Astronaut pen would be a better name ....because it can write in space .It does not need "gravity" to make the ink come out of the pen .Pilot pen refills are pressurized ,that's why the ink will come out even if you write on your ceiling ,all other pen's will stop writing .Are Mont Blanc pens also pressurized?

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