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  • Amazing! Thanks for idea :-) Voted...

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  • I´ve removed text part of code from article, because internal Instructables editor changed some rows and made it unusable. Please use attached file...I´ve made some minor updates in code - mainly translated names of variables to English.

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  • Sorry for delay - I´ve been ill :-) Of course - you can use any GPS module which have serial (Rx/Tx) communication a his output is NMEA sentences... But I have bad experiences with cheap GPS -around 3-4$ on AliExpress, because all I´ve used has been not so much reliable... Mostly problem with external antenna. And second - these cheap modules use 3,3V TTL logic. I´ve seen some people connect them directly to 5V Arduino, but I think that this is not correct - you have to use level shifter... I think, that difference 3 or 4$ is not so big and there is less problems, than if you use cheap module...

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  • Sure! There is possibility to change this... I can even imagine to make automatized switch based on geographical location... If you cross for example N48.99870, northern direction, device automatically switch to km/h :-) And vice versa - in Southern direction it will switch to mp/h...

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  • OK... But imagine - you drive, for example, 49km/h - then you increase to 50km/h -limit -blinking display - you slow to 49 -speed to 50 - again blinking- 49-50-49-50 - It will continuously blinking... I think it is not good idea... I prefer to lit some warnig LED - it will reflect in windscreen in the same way as display... :-)

    OK. OK. I understood :-) I´ve just thought about situation if you drive on edge of limit... :-) Change color of whole display is good idea - I think better than blinking... But in that case you have to use much expensive dot matrix... So... If you do your enhanced HeadUp, share your improvements... Thanks!

    I´ve drove more than 300 km in night, or late evening and it is no disturbing... To me... :-) Of course - each person have specific threshold of perception.

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  • Thanks a lot... Interesting info... I will try to make next generation of code. So, good to know possibilities :-)

    I´ve avoided any GPS library because there are not necessary for my purposes... Just parse NMEA... And as +mad_mat write in previous comment - there is possibility to use different NMEA sentence, than I´ve used and make code even more easier...I have bad experience with cheap OLED displays from AliExpress... They lose brightness in some pixels in approx. one year :( Better to pay more for more quality... Just warning :-)

    Next version? Why not? :-)

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  • No... This difference is done by 10% accurancy of analog speedometer in car.GPS is much more precious - that is why I did'nt use OBDII informations of speed provided by car... Each analog speedometer is calibrated to certain diameter of tyre and if you have diferent diameter - one centimeter of difference is enough to make big diference between real speed and speed displayed by car. I've checked real speed by professional GPS and some phone GPSs... It fits to my GPS HeadUp better than car own speedometer...

    Thanks!No... It is just reflection from glass... No aditional mirrors or lens... Thanks for "windshield" - it is right word I mentioned :-)

    Color changing is possible if you use more expensive dot matrix - This, which I've used, is just red... I understand idea you mean - if you are "over limit" - do some warning...Maybe using of different colors LED should work.Blinking should be distrupting, don't you thing?

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