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  • m913 commented on Tony--K's instructable Mr. Wallplate's Eye Illusion

    It is cute and clever. Congrats. I enjoy your 'ible style of not being too detailed in your instructions. You say "make it look like this" which is usually all I need.You made extensive use of the LEGO parts here, but the wallplate/eyeballs/lips is the real creation. With that base, and other things running the lips, this could be an easy build for people who want their Alexa/Siri/Whoever to have a face.

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  • m913 commented on JonathonT's instructable 3D Printed Decoy TV Remote

    Instead of free-hand paint the white symbols, could you have used the printing program to create an embossed space? Then, just fill in the depressions with paint and sand off any excess above the short "rim". It would be neat, and easy (with the design and printer doing the fine work). But, I do not know the program, so I do not know if it is easy to add specific "negative space".

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  • It looks very sturdy, and I can see your grandkids putting them up in 30 years. But did you really measure so well that you did not have to cut any plexiglass on site?

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