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  • 68 Ways to Reuse Old Prescription Medicine Bottles

    Also, you can make a bug retardant lens for your flashlight. The orange color doesn't attract all the bugs that are attracted to pure white light. Cut out the cylindrical part, slice it longways and use a hot air gun to make it relax. Flatten it onto parchment paper. A shiny metal surface also works nice. I used an old heated photo dryer to get a smooth surface on some of them. Then cut out the flattened pill bottle side to match your flashlight. Figure out a way to hold it in place like electrical tape or large diameter heat shrink tubing. Heat shrink tubing was shrunken with the lens while mounted on the flashlight. Don't shrink too far or it will be permanent-ish. Done right, it permits slipping on and off with a friction fit.

    Nice idea! That would work great. Do you think cord glued to the outside of the bottle would hold?

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