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  • Hmm..initial voltage was 14 v, now voltage dropped to 10 v on no load, checked everything, finally decided to double the 555 timing capacitor to 0.02 mu F, now volatge increased to 13 volts and I started using it to float charge again :)

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  • Nicely written and information packed blog!. I have made it and works well. However, I did omit the feedback FET as that was not locally available. I think, that just turns off the 555 oscillation if there is any high voltage (that may arise due to a spike or mobile phone charger going faulty). Never omit the R5 and R6 resistors, even if you plan to omit the FET, that will immediately damage the 1N4148 diode. The circuit is a boost converter using 555 IC and MOSFET. I used 2N7000 MOSFET as my requirement for charging the battery was only 20 ma current and this MOSFET comes cheaper.

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