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I have a keen interest in costumes and special effects. Being able to dabble in anything from latex and silicone casting, electronics, microcontrollers, and mechanical gives me a change to experiment in a lot of mediums. Long term hobby is etensive animatronics in my main costume that can be controlled using voice command.
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    Select Color Display for ESP32

    Hi.Thank you so much for such a great article. I have been trying to choose the best library to use for a project that will use either a SSD1351 or a ST7735 both being 128x128. The key to my project is to be able to dump a frame buffer in to the display and then recalculate the next frame buffer. Your modified TFT_eSPI looks like it will fulfil that purpose :)Again Many thanks :)

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  • Convert a 3D PRINTER to LASER ENGRAVER | Under 40$

    There is a way but you do need a more powerful laser (4-5w) What you do is spray a blank PCB with a Very thin layer of black paint, and then burn that off with the laser. The end results being the remaining paint is the resist.Also consider using the laser to make the solder masks out of mylar too.

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  • Build your own 3d printer filament factory (Filament Extruder)

    Really Great Idea..About the only mod I could suggest is some kind of a heated hopper so one can recycle all of the failed prints etc. Although I am sure that making a 'chipper' would not be too difficult :)

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  • marcwolf commented on janth's instructable 3D Scanner: FabScan Pi3 years ago
    3D Scanner: FabScan Pi

    Really great idea. Having invested in a 3D printer but am still part of the 'mold by hand' a scaner would be most useful.. especially when working in organic shapes.Looking around my 'lab' I already have a RPi B and a RPi camera.Could one use the RPi B+ rather than purchase a new RPi 2.Also the Hat with built in Arduino looks to be great. Do you have an idea of when this might be available.I have seen oter designs that use 2 lasers and switch between them. Would this give better accuracy?Many thanksDave

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