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Living life to the fullest would definitely describe Mark Grogan. He’s taken some risky turns, but no one can ever say that he hasn’t had the excitement and fulfillment from his endeavours. From a young age, Mark set out to see the world and because he liked what he saw, he continued to see more of it. Having backpacked for a few years short of a decade, he has definitely a plethora of stories and has been through a number of circumstances that could shock, amuse, tickle and astound you! And ... Read More »

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  • Hydroponic Microgreens Year Round Indoor Garden

    An indoor garden can actually be therapeutic in a way that it doesn't require much space but yet doable for enthusiasts. Furthermore, it saves the hassle of having to keep up with an outdoor garden which would need more work and maintenance in the long run.

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  • markgrogan commented on lonesoulsurfer's instructable Resistor Organizer and Storage2 months ago
    Resistor Organizer and Storage

    This would also be great for jewelry making which involves tiny bits and pieces too that could easily get lost if they are lying around. These storage tubes would definitely keep them in place and retrieval becomes so much easier after that.

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  • markgrogan commented on makendo's instructable Textured Cedar Coatrack2 months ago
    Textured Cedar Coatrack

    This is a very nice design - I think it's really quite aesthetic and unique! Probably wouldn't be able to find something like this in stores unless you're paying 4 figures for it too Haha! Perhaps you should consider making a few more of these for sale man. I bet a lot of people wouldn't mind to have one of these hanging in their entry way!

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  • markgrogan commented on Nick Nortier's instructable Build a Beautiful Closet2 months ago
    Build a Beautiful Closet

    You can never have enough closet space especially when you have children in your household. Building a new closet for every room would definitely raise everyone's moods and spirits as storage is actually an asset to everybody.

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  • markgrogan commented on Cms1218's instructable Custom Headboard Build and Finish3 months ago
    Custom Headboard Build and Finish

    Headboards make our bed look so much more comfy, don't they? Without one, there really isn't any signature look that we can personalize according to our design preference.

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  • markgrogan commented on lee78's instructable Tiny Underground Solar House 3 months ago
    Tiny Underground Solar House

    That is a remarkable piece of work! I simply adore how you are able to create a fully-functional home that isn't even that visible from the outside. It is like you are merging into the background of Mother Nature but from the comfort of your cozy home.

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  • markgrogan commented on lee78's instructable Tiny Underground Solar House 3 months ago
    Tiny Underground Solar House

    That is a remarkable piece of work! I simply adore how you are able to create a fully-functional home that isn't even that visible from the outside. It is like you are merging into the background of Mother Nature but from the comfort of your cozy ho

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  • markgrogan commented on nerdyKat's instructable Luxury Cat Condo3 months ago
    Luxury Cat Condo

    Loving the curtains on this thing. Privacy for the kitties is important isn't it! Haha! It's a really great build and I bet your kitty will really appreciate the work you put into it!

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  • markgrogan commented on medanilevin's instructable Simple Nook 4 months ago
    Simple Nook

    I'd love to see this corner bench upholstered! I reckon that it would be a great design idea for a window seat reading corner too if the plans are adjusted for it. It's a really great build for people who love reading and just need a nice spot at home I think. Thanks for sharing this!

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  • markgrogan commented on JokerDAS's instructable Shed Door Replacement / Upgrade4 months ago
    Shed Door Replacement / Upgrade

    If I had such an opportunity, I'd be looking for a really unique door to put on my shed for sure! Of course, chances are I'll just get lazy and see what sort of scrap I have in storage, or where I can get my hands on a cheap plank of wood that would be better than the old one. But it's nice to think about the possibilities if I had the energy to go hunting for a unique front piece for my sheds!

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  • markgrogan commented on lowededwoodie's instructable Toddler Step Stool4 months ago
    Toddler Step Stool

    Be very careful where you place such stools especially if you are living in a high-rise building. I have seen several scary videos of young children getting stuck at window ledges because they managed to climb out of windows upon stepping on stools placed near ungated windows.

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  • markgrogan commented on opilipenko's instructable IBC Container Rabbit Hutch4 months ago
    IBC Container Rabbit Hutch

    I most love to see instructables such as this t hat make use of recycling and reusing old things to make something totally useful. And to help other creatures too - that's really commendable! Good job!

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  • Thirteen Teardrop Camper Modifications

    I reckon that if you had an ounce of creativity, you could probably continue to continue adding on to this list! The possibilities of what you can do with this teardrop camper are endless I think! I would definitely want to see a lot more storage options especially considering the fact that the camper is going to be on the move a lot of the time - I'm sure someone will find a modification for that soon enough!

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  • markgrogan commented on briggs108's instructable Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home4 months ago
    Teardrop Trailer Tiny Home

    It eventually does not have to be over the top when you are constructing a mobile home. All that matters is that at the end of the day, you are able to transport the necessary essentials along with the people you love with you. The space inside does not even have to be that excessive if you do not intend to travel far. Over time, you could slowly upgrade the tiny home according to your growing needs.

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  • markgrogan commented on stevenarango's instructable Side Table4 months ago
    Side Table

    What a unique looking table! I am constantly being surprised with the amazing work that I see on this site. Some of this stuff really should be submitted for design competitions and this is one of them!

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  • markgrogan commented on MeaganF4's instructable Refinished Cabinet4 months ago
    Refinished Cabinet

    Storage cabinets are never to be thrown away regardless of any given situation. All you have to do is to refurbish them even in the most simplest way you can imagine because that extra space is always welcomed!

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  • markgrogan commented on runciblefish's instructable Recliner-Bunk for Camper4 months ago
    Recliner-Bunk for Camper

    You could practically live inside your car after you install something like this! IT could be really great for all of those camping trips or long drives if you do that sort of thing on a regular basis. Whatever it is, it looks like your dog is really enjoying that new bed in there! Almost like he's claimed it for himself! Haha!

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  • markgrogan commented on BibroB's instructable DIY Mini Cardboard Speaker :)4 months ago
    DIY Mini Cardboard Speaker :)

    Making the body of a cardboard speaker is easy if you can just rip up storage boxes. It's the electronics behind it that is going to be difficult!

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  • markgrogan commented on ImpactDIY's instructable Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker 5 months ago
    Cardboard Bluetooth Speaker

    This looks like a toy speaker or a recycling project children would bring to school. I am truly amazed that it actually works. I guess it isn't at all about the outlook but it is about making sure your main objective is eventually achieved. The physical aspect of projects shouldn't be made as the main focus in order to achieve great success.

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  • markgrogan commented on frothackerr's instructable Cardboard Box Potato Grower5 months ago
    Cardboard Box Potato Grower

    It is interesting what cardboard can do for you apart from just providing the storage space you need for your belongings. I guess I would be hoarding more of these bad boys for future fun projects that cost basically nothing.

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  • markgrogan commented on CoralTV's instructable DIY Marquee Lights5 months ago
    DIY Marquee Lights

    The holiday season would see so much of this and I bet not only the children would be excited, but so would the adults. I can foresee myself adding this to almost anything at all around the house from furniture to even clothing.

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  • markgrogan commented on Layer 8's instructable Laundry Sorting Table5 months ago
    Laundry Sorting Table

    Ok, this is cool, but do we really need to sort laundry into so many storage hampers before they all go into the wash? If you've got a big family I suppose that this would be a lot more useful…

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  • markgrogan commented on bryans workshop's instructable Faux Brick Wall5 months ago
    Faux Brick Wall

    All this while I have just been splurging on so-called 3D brick wallpapers which I painstakingly install myself as professionals often charge a hefty fee. I reckon this clay project would definitely be even more rewarding and it looks even more realistic

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  • DIY Beach Terrarium | Aquascaping | Diorama

    I saw something similar to this. The guy made a much smaller one so he worked with a lot of glue rather than resin. I have no experience with that s tuff but it seems to be very trendy with arts and crafters these days that I think I might need to go get myself some to put in storage so I can tinker around with it the next time I want to try a project like this!

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  • markgrogan commented on BadWolfProps's instructable Tardis Book or Movie Shelf6 months ago
    Tardis Book or Movie Shelf

    Such a simple build for an epic finished effect! I reckon that there are a lot of fans of the show would find this particular build very interesting and I daresay that you might have a lot of people trying to copy the look of this bookshelf storage case now. The only thing that's lacking is probably the front door to the Tardis, but besides that, looks like you pretty much got the look down pat!

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  • markgrogan commented on kotchapong's instructable The Drawer 6 months ago
    The Drawer

    That's a really big storage bin, but all the better to hold more toys in the playroom for the kids I reckon! It might be a little hard to dig down to the bottom of the barrel if you have a lot of little toys though. Otherwise, it's a really neat concept!

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  • markgrogan commented on JT Woodworks's instructable Modern Slatted Shoe Bench6 months ago
    Modern Slatted Shoe Bench

    I love looking at how some of these storage benches for mudrooms can be made so simply with just a few bits of scrap wood. Honestly, it makes me feel like I should start saving wood in storage just in case I may want to create something for the house one fine day. Wouldn't hurt to try out making something on my own like you guys right? Won't know if I'm any good at it until I try!

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  • markgrogan commented on watanabeee's instructable Leaf Stool6 months ago
    Leaf Stool

    I love seeing the ideas come together on this page. I reckon I would legitimately see some of these designs actually selling in a furniture store somewhere near my home if I didn't know any better!

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  • How to Build Base Cabinets With Drawers // DIY Desk Storage

    Personally I think that for the amount of work you're going to put in and the price you have to pay to buy all the fittings to make the chest of drawers for storage, I rather spend that effort to purchase something off the rack, just saying...

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  • How to Build an Enigma Puzzle Stand

    I would love to see this actually in someone's home. I think a lot of adults would love to relive their childhood knowing that they had a little storage space hiding in plain sight for a few trinkets and special things to hide away! I could definitely see myself trying to replicate this for one of my kids to enjoy the wonder of holding secrets in a small box or storage table like this...

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  • markgrogan commented on Sebastiaan Mollema's instructable Tool Shed With Green Roof7 months ago
    Tool Shed With Green Roof

    Wow, such an interesting idea! Why didn't I think of that. A dual-purpose storage shed which would look amazing too after the plants have blossomed through the seasons.

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  • markgrogan commented on JonS217's instructable Tiny Bus House8 months ago
    Tiny Bus House

    I am really amazed at how practical a tiny home could be and this project is no exception! To think that space constraint isn't going to bring you down or hinder your efforts at all! You did your best in utilizing every inch of storage you could find in there and the end results proved your hardwork!

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  • markgrogan commented on Maker Gray's instructable DIY Concrete/Wood Dog Bowl Stand8 months ago
    DIY Concrete/Wood Dog Bowl Stand

    I have never thought of using concrete in such a way. I guess I have always regarded it as a much more sturdy material so my past projects have always comprised of larger items like stools or even desks. This project of yours has managed to shed some light on how I view concrete moving forward.

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  • markgrogan commented on Simon_Cloutier's instructable Kitchen Island8 months ago
    Kitchen Island

    Kitchen islands should always be customized. They serve many other purposes apart from just providing storage space alone. Thus, if you have the opportunity DIY one yourself, then go ahead and do so! You can custom-made your seating area, storage size, and more!

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  • markgrogan commented on LenkaDesign's instructable Industrial Beams for Kitchen Interior8 months ago
    Industrial Beams for Kitchen Interior

    That looks awesome! I love how it all got together and how it looks like those mobile reception towers! It really lends a nice industrial look to the room and it's definitely unique!

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  • markgrogan commented on wackybit's instructable Home Darkroom Design for Small Spaces1 year ago
    Home Darkroom Design for Small Spaces

    I would just say that if you're going to spend the time to make a dark room in your home, you had better make the most of it. This day and age, liking and storage space isn't easy to come by so I hope that building a dark room in your home will give you the motivation to get out there and take more pictures to see how they would turn out!

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  • markgrogan commented on scifi71's instructable Small Storage Solution1 year ago
    Small Storage Solution

    I wish that I came across this instructable a long time ago since I've got one of these heat sealers sitting in my storage rooms just collecting dust! Haha! I should think that my family would be very happy to know that now they don't need to run out of the house every time they don't have the plastic bag at the right size!

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  • markgrogan commented on jchavis2's instructable Repairing Stripped Cabinet Hinges1 year ago
    Repairing Stripped Cabinet Hinges

    It would definitely save you a lot of money fixing those hinges on your own as opposed to calling in a professional. However, if you do not have the necessary tools, then that little investment would be necessary to be sacrificed to ensure a stable and safe cabinetry setup.

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  • markgrogan commented on gingerben23's instructable Themed Whiskey Gift Box/Crate1 year ago
    Themed Whiskey Gift Box/Crate

    Who would not appreciate a personal gift that was custom-made by hand? I know I definitely would! This storage crate looks stunning especially if the recipient loves whiskey. Nevertheless, it can also be used for other gift items which would look even more amazing with a customizable gift box.

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  • DIY Baskets(2 Ways) From Shipping Boxes

    It's amazing how expensive and classy this storage boxes look with a little texture and colour on them! It's a really nice little hack if you don't have money to buy the actual stuff in a store where they probably cost 10 times the price if the naked storage box! Haha!

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  • markgrogan commented on PaperChaser's instructable Paper Weaved Basket1 year ago
    Paper Weaved Basket

    I think this simple project could be used for a good recycling idea as well. Children could simply used scraps of papers to build this basket and store stationeries in them. They need to be careful though as paper might not be that durable.

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  • Home Improvement : Providing Sliding Doors for Kitchen Cupboard

    Such a lovely and simple fix to make sure that all your glassware and dinnerware is protected from dust when you've put them all back in the cupboards!

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  • markgrogan commented on Beetlesmart's instructable Handy Pop-up Trunk Shelf3 years ago
    Handy Pop-up Trunk Shelf

    This is a pretty excellent storage shelf! I wonder why the car manufacturers haven't come up with anything like this on their own. Thanks for sharing your idea mate.

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  • markgrogan commented on marcjoli's instructable Easy Garage Storage and Bench3 years ago
    Easy Garage Storage and Bench

    That's an amazing storage bench for the store room. It looks like you're really going to have a lot of space for everything a person would need in the garage! Kudos to your courage to post this up and don't worry too much about the people in here, we're a generally friendly community! Haha!

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  • Bucket Solar Light & Storage Container SUPER EASY

    It does look like a simple yet highly useful project indeed. I really like the feature of this light and storage container being non-appealing to flying bugs at night which I totally dread on every camping trip. Thanks for sharing and I will definitely share my masterpiece once ready.

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  • markgrogan commented on bennelson's instructable DIY 275 Gallon Rainwater Collection3 years ago
    DIY 275 Gallon Rainwater Collection

    At some states, water collection is illegal regardless of whether or not the storage container belongs to you. Even though rainwater is free but to collect it and eventually using it for your own personal benefits seems to be an issue to the authorities I suppose. Sad, but definitely true.

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  • DIY Craft Storage Container (From Old SuitCase)

    Old suitcases which are damaged and cannot be used for travelling anymore can still be put to good use. At home, I use them for storage to store mainly Chinaware because of the sturdy exterior that can protect the fragile items inside.

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  • DIY Holiday Storage Container From Suitcases

    Wow! I think the other material you would require to complete this project of yours is definitely some artistic drawing skills! I really admire those with talents who can easily create beautiful holiday storage containers from old suitcases that would have been otherwise been abandoned and look timeworn.

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  • Upcycle metal food tins into storage containers

    Metal tins are very useful as storage containers because of the durability of their material. However, the downside is that they will eventually rust over time so you would really have to keep them out of humid areas and not allow them to get in contact with moisture.

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  • How to build a kitchen compost storage container that keeps flies out

    Thanks for sharing this instructable! It is always a daily problem for me as my compost storage will be filled with pests almost on a regular basis. I have tried following some tips and guidelines that other users have shared but not all of them work. I will try this idea out and see if it works for me!

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