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  • marty_graw commented on tigers58's instructable Indoors Fractal HDTV Antenna3 years ago
    Indoors Fractal HDTV Antenna

    I built this antenna and I am surprised by the reception. I can't catch anything without it being near a window, but we only have one local channel and we are 50+ miles from New Orleans, LA where all of our channels are located. I tried it in different direction facing windows and caught 23 super clear channels in one at a height of 5ft. I would like to try a weather proof version which I can hang outside with a cable ground block going to a grounding rod or tying in to the house electrical ground. I am thinking about a waterproofing spray such as Flex Seal on the antenna. Does anyone have experience to share about converting this antenna to exterior use? Would a spray on sealer affect reception?

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