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  • mc2517 commented on GFire's instructable Tool Restoration9 months ago
    Tool Restoration

    Some very valuable tips and much appreciated. Couple of ideas: substitute Loctite Marine Jelly for vinegar-- less expensive. also, wd-40 is not too good for preserving metal as there is very little residue. a light coat of machine oil as you suggested lasts a long time. Thanks again.

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  • Automotive Plastic Welding Repair

    You can restore these surfaces with a heat gun. Just be careful not to melt the plastic or run the nearby paint. Pretty durable technique. Next vehicle I buy is going to have little to none of that material.

    How about mixing a quantity of JB Weld and imbed some of the fiberglass mesh that's used in drywall joints. Would also emphasize the "stop drill" technique mentioned by others. Be sure to clean and rough up the plastic so the JB can key into it.

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  • mc2517 commented on ericsnis's instructable Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets2 years ago
    Size Markings for Wrenches and Sockets

    How about using some fine grit alum-oxide paper to sand off the flats. Great piece of advice!!

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