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  • meejhem23 commented on Floyd Holland's instructable Toolshed2 years ago

    I'm not entirely sure everybody understands is the scaled down(and revised) version of a traditional type of shed here in the Netherlands, mainly built in rural area's for storing large farming machinery. In my "Kapschuur" the bunny would face the constant danger of being overrun by a tractor of combine. Personally I think it turned out great, The workmanship seems good enough or better then pictures allow to show. Also its a neat idea to turn a traditional shed design into something for the smaller garden instead of copying some more 'typical' garden shed, which would be very boring, to build and to live with. De Groeten.

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  • meejhem23 commented on dave5201's instructable How To Hide a Wall Wart Transformer2 years ago
    How To Hide a Wall Wart Transformer

    I'm pretty sure this is illegal where i live(the Netherlands), also, our houses are made of bricks and mortar or concrete. But if you disregard those things its a pretty good idea. Also you could improve the instructional with a picture with every step.

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