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  • Raspberry Pi 4B 3D Printed Tablet

    INNOVATIVE: I completely understand. My soldering was never great, so when i starte dmy RASPI4 tab I sent my board to someone who advertised the service on ETSY. he did a GREAT job and I got JUST what I asked for, unfortunately a death in the family and a move have prevented me from finishing it, but im c;lose. HOWEVER if I do another one, which im sure I will. I will probably learn/practice enough to do it myself. because I had the guy take off the ethernet jack and 1 YSB2 and 1 USB3 jack. if i did it myself I would remove those as well and then wire in some extensions so I still have 2 full size jacks available....

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  • mindwave commented on Kirand1's instructable The Pi Tablet

    I would also imagine that, if you look up one of the "PI ARCADE" instructables you will find links to the games and emulators that they use. At that point your only challenge (and it could be big) would be controls.HOWEVER (and this is why I LOVE THIS PROJECT) since this is a real "pc" based tablet and runs a real OS you can find whatever controllers you want and plug it in the USB.This could truly make this one of the most useful and productive tablet types ever designed.

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  • mindwave commented on Kirand1's instructable The Pi Tablet

    If you dont mind me asking what did the case cost to get made from the folks you linked to? I like to look and wouldnt mind dealing with them, but havent ever done it remotely so just looking for some details.zThanks

    Kirand1,Thats awesome, just what I was looking for a round ball park figure is what i need.I always wanted a linux laptop, so i bought a refurb and made one, now for the past couple of years I have hated the windows tablets. Personally I just think that windows NEEDS a bigger screen. However since Linux is my OS at home, having the vailability of a full OS on a tablet, and it being MUCH easier to read and use (hey im 50, I had to get glasses because I read my tablet so much) Linux would be PERFECT!thnaksj

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  • mindwave commented on toddie123's instructable EASY Kinect 3D Scanner!

    anyone know why I get the error "youre not allowed to see this" when I try and download? My membership is current....

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