I spend most of my time belligerently refusing to follow good advice...


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  • i sure would do it again, but as i told another commenter, if my labor had been figured in, the cost/benefit would've gone completely sideways... a large part of the reason i take on bigger projects like this singlehandedly is the enjoyment i gain from their completion! thanks!

    early in the process i talked to guys who knew concrete - i also came here for advice - as per the advice i received, i tried several different form lubricants (deisel, vaseline ect) but they were too messy for my tastes. my intense desire to implement homegrown solutions to problems led me to the process which i've detailed above - i might've broken down and bought some form oil if i felt there was no other solution. thanks

    since i wasnt charging myself to do this i did not account for my labor cost - but if i were to do that the cost of the project would've gone through he roof - the projects i engage in tend to be labor intensive... in terms of materials, i did save about $600

    i see no reason why not!

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  • Why, thanks for noticing (blushes schoolgirlishly) - it's an 86 w/ a 318 and a four on the floor... (can you tell I like talking about it?) I've gotten used to towing some ridiculously heavy stuff with this truck over the years, and I was surprised as well that so many commenters had safety concerns for the Honda trailer, which is comparatively so lightweight and tiny...

    dug the scale slip out of the file. I mistakenly told another commenter that the trailer weighed 1012 lbs... don't know where that number came from... but anyWEIGH... it weighs 1020 lbs...thanks!

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  • I actually used gray speaker felt held in place with pro grade spray adhesive.Thanks!

    your idea has merit, though in my case, the unibody support structures north of the firewall were pretty damaged.

    funny you should mention volkswagens, as I had thought a Fox station wagon from the eighties would be a good candidate for this conversion as well - better wheel placement...

    Thanks! I've seen those caravans with the castor wheels as well, but they're not too popular here in burgerland. Yes, a retractable trailer jack/wheel is on the list of upgrades I intend to make - having to use the trailer dolly all the time gets cumbersome...

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