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  • monkm commented on 3leftturns's instructable Philosophy of Shop Organization9 months ago
    Philosophy of Shop Organization

    I re-use various clear plastic jars - mayonnaise, peanut butter, spices, etc. - and fill each with the same size nail or screw. Instead of labels, I tape a sample to the outside, which is also handy to measure exact length or thickness without having to open the jar. I can look down the row of jars and see what I have and if a supply is getting low. The jars keep everything clean and dry, and I also drop in a couple of those "do not eat" silica packets.

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  • monkm commented on mikeasaurus's instructable Unusual Uses for Duct Tape1 year ago
    Unusual Uses for Duct Tape

    I know this is just one more anecdotal account, but for what it's worth: Years ago I did have a persistant wart on my finger. I kept it covered with a relatively inconspicuous square of duct tape for several weeks. The skin underneath shriveled and sloughed off, as did the wart. The skin grew back (the wart did not) and it didn't leave a scar. It took a while but saved me a costly visit to a dermatologist.

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