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  • I am dealing with the same noise, I have bought new LED's and will try them tonight. If I find out what's causing this I'll get back to you, but nobody seems to be watching these comments or replying.

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  • HELP! I'm using Radio Shack Photodiode set 276-0142 which has the EMITTER colored and the collector clear. When I put power to the emitter it lights up but I get no speed readings EXCEPT for motor interference when I turn on the router which disappears when it's running. I do NOT understand the switch effect of the reversed collector leads but I think it's wired correctly. I did it exactly like the photos, except as I said my collector is clear so reversed them. I can even see the emitter 'on' if I look directly at it. Does anyone think I might need a capacitor between the leads and if so on the Collector or the Emitter or Both... thanks, basic knowledge of etronics just enough to get in trouble!!

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  • I have a set of Radio Shack IR photo diodes Part #276-0142. In THEIR version, the Tinted Diode is the emitter and the clear LED is the detector. Since I soldered the resistor on the detector instead of the emitter I had to buy a second set. Just a comment, LOVE the little display and also thanks to fwarden above for the correct commenting on the 1306.h. Very handy device, I may order more parts and add one to my CNC mill and my lathe! Thanks!

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