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  • I tricked out my DeWalt scrollsaw w/ several things:1.) The LIGHT they sell, w/ a much brighter replacement LED bulb. Occasionally I can add additional light w/ a magnetic LED light w/ flexible / bendable neck.2.) Nifty blade / accessory holder for all kinds of blades.3.) I bought the wonderful METAL STAND & added these simple plywood floor glides, so it would slide w/ moderate effort w/o scratching the vinyl tile shop floor, but not excessively.They can be bolted or epoxied to the bottom of th legs. I srpayed the wooden pieces w/ WD-40, and you can WAX them after this to make them slide nicely. I can post the blade rack and light if anyone is interested.

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  • Wow, so thorough and meticulous --and great video work and effects. Impressive. You should have your own machine shop, as many folks would rather pay you to do all this that risk screwing up / forgetting how to put it together, etc. :-) Mine has been running like a champ for 15 yrs, but if it ever fails, I will search for this instructable and youtubes! Thx

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