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  • mysss followed Luminesia
  • I love this idea, so just in case someone else finds it: PVC pipe comes in larger diameters, though would take some rounding and cutting and isn't as cheap as shower rings. Ah, apparently they make "book rings" up to 3". Also, looking that up, people were comparing the size of those to bangles--those might be a good option since I assume you could find some fairly cheap, and they won't snag the scarves. I love this design--the chain spacing the rings out, and how nice the picture of the chains through the carabiner looks.

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  • mysss commented on Payge's instructable Woven Tapestry For Beginners

    haha *centuries [or, really, millennia. one of mankind's oldest, most essential technologies. :) ]Ahhh, of course, a picture frame and nails!! I even have one lying around because I needed glass for something--and I was wondering if I could possibly use it for anything....

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