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Developer of the telecontrol and telemonitoring system Teleduino, using the Arduino platform.


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  • Hi noel.kuck,This would be the expected behaviour if you hadn't restarted the Arduino software after installed the library. Hope that helps!

    Hi ThomasF5,The key you've provided in the above example is only 31 characters, but should be 32 characters. Your problem was likely caused by a simple copy/paste error. I would recommend you register for a new key because the one you've displayed above is now public knowledge on the internet :)

    Hi SS_2013. Did you ever get this working? I'm not sure if the W5200 is compatible with the W5100. Has anyone else successfully used the W5200?

    Hi mosix. The stability often depends on your internet connection. You could tweak the code to output debug information to the serial port, however we wanted to keep the serial port free for projects.

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  • Hi Bladder777,I'm currently testing a version of the sketch for wifi. I'll get in touch with you to help you out.

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