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  • neblin7 commented on Tuan_Hoang's instructable Weapons from nail and scrap metal3 years ago
    Weapons from nail and scrap metal

    may I ask where you got that mini anvil?

    elves' weapons. ;)

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  • neblin7 commented on alizaliz's instructable Giant USB Volume Knob3 years ago
    Giant USB Volume Knob

    Sorry, didn't make it to the end of your Instructable about adding LED's.

    So I was thinking you could add some flair (lol, 10 pieces of flair minimum*quote from a certain movie*) by cutting the sides of the enclosure out of some clear acrylic and adding a few LED's of your choice of color inside. Since the connection is going to be USB, 3.3 volts should be no problem to power a few LED's. Not to mention the clear acrylic sides would allow everyone to see your excellent handiwork inside the enclosure.

    You can copy and paste url's no problem.

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  • neblin7 commented on leomiranda's instructable Variable Bench Power Supply3 years ago
    Variable Bench Power Supply

    Question. So, as I turn the knob, the pot, the display will slowly rise in both voltage and amps until I get the desired amount? Since voltage and resistance are directly proportional, those numbers ( V and R) will always be related since 12 Volts = 1 Ampere? I'm still learning on my own and don't want to toast any tests I decide to try. Thanks! =)

    One more question. What's the lowest voltage that I can dial in with this power supply? Thanks.

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