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  • nepperhanman commented on Ham-made's instructable 16-Page Disposable Notebook EDC8 weeks ago
    16-Page Disposable Notebook EDC

    See also for the ability to print lines, dots, grids and lots more in a pocket book format.

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  • Grandma's Salt Cod Fritters and Anchovy Sauce!

    Just to clarify - you mean to use fresh/uncooked cod and not baccala? There are also lots of Italian/Spanish salt cod fritter recipes.

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  • nepperhanman commented on jprussack's instructable Citric Acid Gets a Shaker1 year ago
    Citric Acid Gets a Shaker

    Citric Acid, or sour salt as I learned to call it from dear ol' Mom, makes killer hot lemonade when used with some lemon zest. Zest about an eighth of a lemon with a rasp grater, put into your cup with sweetener of choice, add CA and hot water. It is super flavorful because the zest has all of the aromatic flavor while the CA gives it the sour punch, and you still can use the lemon juice for other things. Works well cold also but we tend to make bottles of lemonade syrup for the summer while I am the only one in our family that likes it hot in the winter.

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  • Credit Card Sized Wrench Set- the Sunrise Wrench

    PLEASE produce these commercially!!! Several years ago I found just the tool I wanted on line, an award winner at a hardware products show. Somehow they never got to the point of producing the NUT LOK credit card wrench - look it up on You Tube under the Nut Lok name. The Nut Lok website seems to have disappeared as well. Great case of independent invention.

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  • nepperhanman commented on fixthisbuildthat's instructable 3-in-1 Nesting Stools1 year ago
    3-in-1 Nesting Stools

    Beautiful take on the old pipe and vinyl step stool of the '50's. Looking at your idea and thinking of something that I am looking for I have a suggestion - what about setting this stool up so that the lower short part can be picked up to mate to the top of the stool, creating a bar stool height combo? That way anyone who needs a counter height work stool, perhaps if like me you are standing for three hours brewing or distilling, and could use a brief sit down while still being at working height. Not being a wood worker I am not sure how to do this but imagine that pocket holes into which you place the smaller parts legs might work. Just a thought. Again really nice work,

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  • How to Make the Awesomest Coke Jelly!

    Great idea. What you made would be called Jello in America. Soda flavored jellos would be fun. You gave me a great idea - what about making and canning soda flavored JELLY with pectin. Could it be made just like grape jelly? I'll have to try.

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