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  • nghosh commented on sshipway's instructable Repair a broken Series 3 TiVo1 year ago
    Repair a broken Series 3 TiVo

    Hi BillD109, I have the exact same PS board, I am having difficulty choosing the right capacitors from, there are just too many choices and I am a novice in this area. Would you please help me with some other parameters I should use to filter out the caps I do not want. Also, there is a huge 470uF, 200V cap, that looks good, but wondering why you didn't mention that. If you had the part#s and place you ordered from -- that will be of extra help. Thank you very much for your help.

    Thanks much for reply, Still lot of information to digest. For the first one above "VENT C620 3300µF 10V, KF 105 degrees", That's all I can see on it. I am looking at the following: u please see if I am missing something obvious ?Thanks again.

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