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  • Thank you for the concise explanation. I have recently built a Foucault tester based on the Stellafane model and have 3 different Ronchi slides which appear to be doing the job.My problem is despite following all the steps of testing I just cant get the expected knife edge shadow using a blade glued to a 2 inch x 2 inch slide. I have the correct Radius of Curvature etc.I keep on reading that the light, in my case an LCD as per the Stellafane model should be shining through a narrow slit. There was not mention how the slit is constructed and used. My Ronchi Slide when approaching the ROC almost behaves like a knife edge and I do get an image of what looks like the surface of the mirror.I should add the mirror I am using is a completed silvered 8" being used for testing only.

    Appreciate your reply. Thank you. Gives me something to think about..

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