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  • I am having trouble with sustaining a smolder in the pellets. I am using a 1200 cc/min air pump and I suspect that volume is insufficient. I have twice the ventilation you show and, unless I remove the lid, the burn/smolder will not be sustained. It goes out in a few minutes. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I understand so much better now. I am anxious to try this but don't like to be out tinkering with the smoker when the temperature is 0-F.

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  • Excellent concept, design, and Instructable. This design looks to be exactly what I am looking for to add cold smoke capability to my 1940's vintage Kelvinator/smoker. I am about to try a build. I am unsure about your images where the air tube connects to the larger pipe. Is the smaller tube slid within the larger pipe and extended past the opening to create the venture and draw smoke? Which direction is the opening in the larger pipe oriented? I'm sure not upward but toward the air inlet? Away? straight downward? Thanks

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