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Deirdre hails from Upstate, NY, which is not New York City or Canada or really even "upstate". Deirdre is a struggling cosplayer and was shocked to find out that anime is not real and that she had to, "wake up and smell the taxes". It is now her life mission to make Anime great again (she's coming for you, Trump). Like the super hero the world does not need or deserve, she grows stronger with more cats, and thrives off of the energy of the people around her. Deirdre is study…


10K+ Views Earned a bronze medal
Baking Contest 2016
Contest Winner Runner Up in the Baking Contest 2016
Copycat Recipes Contest 2017
Contest Winner Second Prize in the Copycat Recipes Contest 2017
Homebrew Contest 2016
Contest Winner Second Prize in the Homebrew Contest 2016

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