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  • How to Ferment and Collect Tomato Seeds

    Two comments that reiterate what a couple others have said1 - You should only save heirloom seeds. Hybrid seeds will not produce the same tomato the following year.2 - The seed (hulls) that float are the bad non-viable seeds. The ones that sink are what you want to keep. When you skim off the top, make sure you get those seed hulls as well. (Think of it like collecting pumpkin seeds for roasting. When you rinse the seeds, the hollow ones that are just outer shell float. The ones that you are keeping to roast are the ones that are full, heavy, and sink...)

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  • I had no problem with step 8 once I tried your steps. Hook in the front and slide the back end under and make sure the springy part in the middle is on top of the clip it engages into. Once the front and back are situated, use a small flat head screwdriver to just push and pop the spring into place.Hopefully this is the fix I needed. So far it seems to be good.

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