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  • oskay commented on tomatoskins's instructable Giant 555 Footstool

    When you make a modified copy of someone's project -- copied right down to the name and style of presentation -- you really should give credit. We have been here on Instructables for 10 years (although mostly lurking), we released this project and the plans for it, and we have blogged at Evil Mad Scientist about several other derivative versions. We also were a little less than keen on the size of the notch and on the wood grain. The second version that we made had a much deeper notch, and a much smoother finish. ( ) But seriously-- that's no reason to not give credit.

    I read through your project. I did not say (or imply) that you used our plans. However, you did make a copy of a freely available design of ours, after seeing it and our construction methods. I merely asserted that is appropriate to give credit under circumstances like these. Moreover, as a Community Manager on Instructables, it is _up to you_ to set a good example for everyone. Please do your part.

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