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  • Hi yes i have done both of these things still getting the same result, however im just concerned that it may be the handler, on the option in the lambda console, is it the configuration tab and then the handler box that i should be changing from index.handler to "exports.handler"? could this be the problem and sorry for the slow reply i have been away, Thanks so much for your continuing help.

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  • "The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid."- this is what i get when i type change the color to blue

    Hi now i am getting "have a nice day on the amazon develpoer console" however this is all i can get if i say "ChangeColor BLUE" i get "have a nice day" or if i type "ChangeIntensity" i get the same is this right?

    no i do get the Hello how may i help you today

    with the javascript file u mean the one that is on github so leave the name as export.js? im just confused because on step 8 you said "Make sure when you set up your function in the amazon management console to change "handler" to "exports.js" because I called the main file exports." Thanks

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      • LED Strip Controlled by Amazon Echo
  • When you say change the handler to exports.js do u mean on the box or on the code? this may be the problem

    Thankyou so much

    In the service simulator tab when i enter an utterance i get the lambda on the left but on the right where the response is i get "The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid." i have invocation name as "rooms glow" and have tried everything. Thanks again for your help

    Also do i have to go through the publishing stuff on that page to get it published and stuff or can i use it without doing that ?

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  • when i enter your intent schema i get an error on line 97 im not sure how to fix i didnt realise how hard this bit was aha i thought i had done the hard part aha sorry again ahah quite new to all this

    Okay now im just really confused at step 9 i think that i did step 8 correctly but am so confused at step 9

    Hi yes that fixed it!! Thank you so much for your help man

    hi it worked thanks so much

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  • it seems to just be when i use your index.php file i cannot get anything from the server even if i include the same text to get the php info on screen i cannot do it again i am really sorry for this

    hi yes i know the server is working as if i change the index.php file to just <?php echo phpinfo (); ?> i get the info on the php as i should and yes i did get that screen the welcome to nginx screen

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  • Hi thanks again for helping i am typing in exactly as you have on the instructions as i have the same static ip but nothing happens even if i put the <h1>LED Control Screen</h1> at the end of index.php i cannot see it when i type in the ip

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  • hi thanks for the reply and yes i am getting the same error which i will post again on a seperate comment however also after i have updated the index.php file to the one you have in github i can no longer access it on my browser is this right? if i leave the stock index.php file alone i can access the nginx no problem

    Hi thanks for the reply and yes it was not only this what you said but instead of it being https it was just http but that solved the problem thanks so much man

    hi sorry to be a pain, i have got that working so thanks for the reply it was also because i hadnt changed the server address to http instead of https on the However i cannot get the leds to change by using the web sever and typing in the url, i have made sure to use the correct ip and have made it accessible with the permissions but i dont get anything on the screen when i even try to access the server is this correct? and i have checked the settings file and the numbers are not changing when i do this any ideas and sorry aha im quite new to linux

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