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  • parocha commented on blakllll's instructable Travel Pocket Fan

    How about, instead of using the dock for a 9v battery, soldering a USB cable so you can use a PowerBank? That's a mod I have made to several battery operated gadgets at home, to great success. Granted, you would be forced to use a 5v fan cooler, like those used for cpu cooling, but carrying a powerbank is more practical than buying 9v batteries, even if rechargeable ones.

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  • Small tip. Red is always (as far as I know) positive regarding wiring.

    Perhaps a charging module would help?

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  • Well, it's not actually a bad idea. I did something just like this to replace the USB plug on a lightning cable I found discarded on the street (the USB plug was bent beyond repair). I used the USB plug from a Samsung cable (which, luckily and coincidentially had bent a micro-USB plug). I cut both ends, spliced the cables (red with red, blue with blue, etc...) and then covered the wires with black tape, then covered the tape in liquid silicone, allowed to dry and harden overnight, and tested it with a A/C adapter . Works like a charm! (I still have not dared to plug it to a computer USB port)

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  • This is a very nice way to repair a strap. I'd never thought of this. Thanks for sharing

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